The Services that we provide are Crystal Therapy and Spiritual Healing.

As with any Therapy (Healing) there's no gurantee that you will get what you want (a cure), from it, but you will certainly get what you 'Need' from it.

And we also sell Crystals and genuine Native American Gifts and Souvenirs, for my friend. These are not available anywhere else outside of the USA (see 'Photo Gallery') We run Crystal Therapy Workshops, 1 and 2 currently, No:2 is a bit more advanced, in time it's  hoped to run a 3rd one. Hopefully  in the future we will be able to run Crystal Therapy Certified Courses. In the meantime we hope to host Crystal Therapy Certified courses in Watton, places will be limited so if you are interested please get in touch. These will be run probably by Petes Tutor Andy. We think you couldn't find a better teacher! And he didn't pay me to say that! We will also be organiseing various day  Workshops and evening events too. Pete is also available to do Crystal or Pamper Parties for those who know a little or even nothing about Crystals (see Crystal Parties) From time to time there will be Crystal Awareness days open to the public to come along and experience Crystals, they will also be on sale. If there is something like an event? You cant find and would like to attend & others would find it interesting, let us know, perhaps we can find some one to do that?

Something very much for the future, We very much hope that my Cherokee friend Cody will be able to come over from Texas to do many things:- Workshops, talks, concerts (his music is wonderfull), even teach you to play the flute! And much more. So folks WATCH THIS SPACE!

Always in Heart and Spirit Pete


If there's any type of Workshop on any subject that interests you!! And you can't find anyone else doing it, then let us know and we will see if something can be arranged?? If you don't ask you don't get!! We are open to any Spiritual based

suggestions?? Our philosophy is about shareing knowledge! And helping people on their Spiritual Journeys, so please get in touch we look forward to hearing from you.


If you are looking for a Crystal and can't find it let us know and we will see if we have it? If not we could possibly get it for you? If you're not sure what you 'need' then we can help with that too! Remember what you 'want' is NOT necessarily what you 'need'!! Just contact Pete via this site, thanks!