Welcome to Patricia's page.



She would like to thank Peter who she is currently working with, for kindly giving her a page on his website.


Patricia has  been  working for Spirit as a Medium , Healer and Teacher for over 20 years, in and around East Anglia. Serving churches, doing  Spirit Readings, Tarot, and demonstrating Clairvoyance in London, America and Spain.


She visited the Holy town of Pushka, Rajistan in her Spiritual quest for knowledge. It was an humbling experience where she learned to appreciate the true values in life!


She did many Spiritual consultations in the time she spent in a popular New Age shop in Thetford Norfolk, where she also made many friends.


Her life now consists of helping others to develop their special gifts where she can.


And one way of doing this is by reading her 'New Book' called "You are Psychic" which is available NOW!!! Retails at £9.99. Available through her for £7.99 plus p&p. If you would like one contact her via the 'Contact' page. It's a Work book with many exercises to help you develop your Psychic abilities. Click on the 'Link' below for details of her book! Then you can move on to develop your Mediumship!!


Patricia will be doing a series of practical demonstrations of the Exercises in the book where you can participate!  


Patricia is now living in Soham Cambs.


You can contact her through this site, or use the information on the 'Welcome' page or:-


Tel. 07543914930