We have now got  Codys Cd's and a Catalogue of his Arts and Crafts (Carvings). We also NOW have got lots of samples of his Carvings etc to sell see our sister Website to see what we have here in England. Some items already sold! Check out the NEW items for sale on www.wix.com/MysticCrowTrading/Mystic-Crow-Trading (see Links). So we will now be able to take orders for his CD's and supply them!


The Workshop with Lynette Smith will happen it's hoped soon??






If you have a date in mind and would like to do a Workshop with Pete, please let us know and if he's  free we will organise it! Participants now receive a Certificate of Attendance :-)



Pete will be doing some more Crystal Therapy Workshops to build on the two he already does.


It's hoped to have a full weekend of Workshops: on Mediumship, Crystals, Readings, Clairvoyant Evening? All to be finalised, so keep checking this place for details as and when available.


Pete today has been talking to Cody (23/6/11) About taking a group to Texas on a 'Once in a life time' Spiritual Journey! "Journey of the Spirit" as it is now called. Teaching, Song, Storys, Vision Quests, Sweat Lodge, Life walks, Herbal Teaching, Music Healing. Elders from 5 Nations, one of which is an Ancestor from 'Wounded Knee', Classes on making various arts and crafts and much more! Up to 50 places (to be confirmed) You will NOT get this opportunity anywhere else!!  Let us know if you're interested??






New for 2016! It's hoped there will be a Drum Birthing weekend with Ros Simons including a Ceremony (£195 including all materials), Rattle making w/e (£60 including materials), Introduction to Tree Spirits day (£50). It's quite possible to pay by installments prior to the day! We are looking to see what interest there is for these workshops before anything definate will happen! Please get in touch if you are interested and for more details?? See 'Links' page for Ros' Website. You can ask her questions via her site if you wish?







                                        "Discover Atlantis"


Spiritual Workshops with Eleanor Castleden and Pete Neal. 'Atlantis Peace' is delighted to present a series of Workshops designed to help you discover who you are and your lifes purpose.

£25 for the day, deposit of £5 secures your place as places are limited!

Early booking is advised!

Experience the wisdom of this highly evolved ancient civilisation.

Learn about their Harmony with all things and Integrity.

Experience a Past Life in Atlantis and learn how to create peace, love, joy and gratitude in this life, the Atlantean way!

Discover the legend of Atlantis and the latest theories and facts of it's true location.

Latest news, hot from a recent Atlantis Conference in Santorini.

Discover the Healing power of Crystals, Meditation and much more in this

enlightening and inspiring Workshop!

The next Workshop will likely be in Kent later this year? Unless YOU want one in Norfolk or Suffolk?? Lets us know!!! Keep checking this site for details!


Eleanor works as a Medium and Clairvoyant and is also a Past Life Regression Therapist with a special interest in Atlantis. She has recently attended the 'Atlantis Conference' in Santorini and has all the latest news!


You will work with Crystals, there will also be a large selection for sale.


For more information call Eleanor on: 07904477026. Email:-

[email protected]

Or contact Pete via this site or by phone, details on the 'Welcome' page.