Crystal Parties



 Crystal Parties can be either an evening or weekend.

You provide the space, room to set the stall (at least 6 foot) and invite your friends along. Pete will give a short talk on Crystals and answer any questions you may have. Then he will lead you into a light meditation, you may wish to share your meditation.

 You and your friends are free to browse his stock of Crystals, which includes;

Tumblestones, Jewelry, Pendulums, Angels, Skulls, Selenite Skyscrapers, Lightboxes, lamps and much more.

Prices range from 25p upwards.

!!! Free Gift For The Host!!!



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His Pamper Parties have to be at the weekend due to the time they take starting at about 10.30 am. You, as the host, find 4 friends who all would like a taster Crystal Therapy session (approx 45 mins) for £15. You provide the space for Pete's Healing couch and Crystals, and for the Crystal stall to be set out. As the host you would decide whether to make this an Open day or appointments system. Throughout the day the Crystal stall is available to look through and purchase items. There could also be Meditations throughout the day using the Crystals if required. The host will receive a full Crystal Therapy worth £30 free of charge. Perhaps your 4 friends may take it in turns when convenient also to act as host for the day?

 Pamper Parties