Peter Neal is now working with a brand new Crystal Energy, Biotite Lens, which he dowsed in the summer of 2009, to help take him into the up and coming changes due in 2012 and beyond!

He first became interested in Healing after many years of having a painful back problem. In 1998 he went to the Natural Healing Exhibition in Cambridge (as it was then), to have some Healing.

As a result, eventually found 2 excellent Healers, who are now good friends, to work on him. And has NOT had the same problem again!

This triggered his interest in the Spirit World after being dormant for a long time!

Healing effectively saved his life in 2006 when he was seriously ill with Pancreatitis and lost 30% of his Pancreas, as it was self digesting! But within 6 weeks it had completely Regenerated! The Doctors couldn't explain that one!

During his Spiritual Journey he rediscovered his connection with the Native American Indians or 'First Peoples' as they prefer to be known.

He also went to North Carolina USA in 2004 where he worked in the Mountains with his Cherokee friend/brother Cody.

It was here where he was lucky enough to be given his first Crystal (Jade) Skull by Cody, which was carved by a Tibetan Monk, he now has the 'brother' skull also from the same source and again carved by a Tibetan Monk.

In 2006, after 2 years of Crystal Therapy Training, Pete became a Fully Qualified Crystal Therapist to an Advanced Level. He also Qualified as a Spiritual Healer afterwards!


Pete and Pat are both from the Medway Towns in Kent, Gillingham and Chatham respectively. But it took a move up to East Anglia before they would meet up! Small world, as they have met quite a few people up here from the Medway Towns. They both moved up here at similar times, around 1988.

They've been good friends for about 10 years, and Pete sat in Pats Circle for quite a while. And is doing so again! And have worked together many times! And hope to work together many more times in the future!

Pat was in part instrumental in Petes recovery from Pancreatitis in 2006 by coming into Hospital to give him Healing! For which he is VERY grateful and indeed to ALL who sent him Healing!!


Pete and his Crystal Stall, and Codys Native American Gifts and Souvenirs, are available for MBS events, charity, pamper evenings and craft fairs and other events. Just contact him via this site to see if he's available? He can also do Crystal Therapy tasters at any of these events if required? Please ask. Also available to do Crystal Workshops for you.



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