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Hello, welcome to my New Website. l hope you find it  interesting and informative.

For thousands of years people have been using Crystals and Stones to Heal others, it has long been known that Crystals have long been worn as Adornment on the body by many Societies through our history! This is because they enhance the energy field of the wearer as they emit uniform Vibrations of the Body, causing a boosting or beneficial effect.

The First Peoples (Native Americans) use the term 'Circle of Life' everything is a Circle (a cycle), no beginning and no end. The Earth, a circle, birds nest, a circle, the planets, a circle. So when something comes to an end something new starts. Perhaps a classic example is flowers and plants, they die and grow again and bigger and stronger like trees!

So everything is in balance and harmony with itself and it's surroundings. Until man comes along and puts a spanner in the works and creates a 'dis-ease'.

But Crystals being the simplest forms of matter that exist throughout the universe. And since they they reflect the basic harmonies of matter, it could be argued that Crystals demonstrate the fundamental laws of nature.

Because any state of disharmony within the individual is caused by an imbalance of these natural laws. Then bringing the appropriate stones or Crystals into the energy field of the body can help to restore this harmony.

As Crystals consists of one chemical compound, that is, it has one molecule, which is repeated throughout its structure. It has inherant order and the ability to rapidly adjust to all kinds of environmental changes. A Crystal has fundamental stability and, at the vibrational level, can maintain a constant electromagnetic signature.

The simplest unit of the body-the cell-contains DNA and RNA each with thousands of molecules, as well as proteins, enzymes, and internal structures. Each has different elecrical charges and biomagnetic fields and belongs to other systems of increasing size and complexity.

So imagine the body as an orchestra with millions of individual instruments. The instruments are all useing the basic score-like the sequences of individual DNA-but are following their own parts-the function of the cell, organ, system-and playing continously without a break for a complete lifetime of 60, 70, 80 years or more!

Over this length of time, one could imagine some players giving up altogether, some having their instruments go out of tune, and others losing their place in the score.

When the body becomes stressed, there's an alteration in the functioning of the whole system, and is like an instrument going slightly off key or falling behind the others. Therefore a disharmony enters the system. The more disharmony there is, the more difficult it is for the other instruments to follow the score.

So bringing a Crystal into this situation is like striking a Tuning fork, one single pure tone constantly emitted and no variation, acts like a guide to all to follow. Thereby restoring local harmony. So because of the Crystals constant electromagnetic signature it acts as the body's guide to restoring harmony. And as the 'Life Force' energy coming through the Healer that force is 'Amplified' by the Crystals. So in our opinion makes Crystal Healing/Therapy more powerful!

Wearing them can also help protect you in many ways! Crystals can be programmed to do many jobs, for you and others, and your environment making them ideal to enhance your home, car or workplace. They can also attract prosperity, love and friendship into your life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Website. I hope you find what you are looking for? If you have any questions, about Crystals, Healing or Dowsing feel free to ask via this site (Contact).


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